5 Fab Family-Friendly Outdoor Photo Session Locations near Newtown, Lower Bucks County, PA

We’ve all seen those jaw-dropping photos of so-and-so’s cousin doing a yoga headstand on top of a cliff overlooking a waterfall – and while those pictures are cool and edgy, headstands are hard and cliffs can be hard to come by, not to mention dangerous. What’s the solution for families and individuals looking for interesting backdrops that won’t break the bank (or your back as you fall down a mountain)?

While of course, the main subject in the photo is you and your family, the space framing the photo can help enhance what makes your family unique. Inside, outside, grey skies or blue, scenery creates an atmosphere in your photos that can add that extra ounce of whatever tone you and your photographer wish to create.

If you’re anywhere near Lower Bucks, PA you’re in luck, because here we have collected a list of the very best outdoor locations in the area. Bucks County is colorful, diverse, and fun to explore – it has picturesque areas in every season, so no matter what time you choose, nature will be waiting to complement your photos.

Before we dive into the specific locations, let’s brainstorm a quick checklist of questions that you and your photographer can discuss before solidifying spots and shots:

Now, let’s look at 5 fab locations near Newtown, PA for your family portrait session. . . 

1. Tyler State Park, Newtown PA

This park is located right in Newtown, PA. It looks like it belongs in a storybook with its stunning fall foliage and stone bridges. Portraits featuring water have never been easier – just park near the boathouse and let your family dance, run, and play along the water’s edge, or further back in one of several golden fields. On your journey through the park, stop anywhere along the way to find a variety of little paths that look tucked away and mysterious, the perfect backdrop for adventurous kids. Head over to the other side of the park to explore the infamous tree-lined park. 

2. Core Creek, Langhorne PA 

On the boathouse side of this location, you can meet your photographer to find the special spot on the property with the prettiest light at that part of the day. Full of giant trees and maybe a view of some local wildlife, Core Creek is the perfect place to capture the sweet energy of a family. This location is best for families with little ones who wouldn’t be tempted to play in the water. The sun sets right over Core Creek, adding extra golden sunlight to your family portraits -what more could you ask for? 

3. Indoor / Outdoor Farmhouse Studio, Newtown PA 

Just as the name suggests, this location is a restored farmhouse surrounded by beautiful gardens and a rustic interior. It has indoor and outdoor options, keeping it
available year round. If you’re looking for an extra ounce of charm and a vintage touch to your family
portraits, this is the place to go. Not to mention, there is plenty of parking out front and a bathroom
inside, making it a convenient option when your kids take turns having to go every ten minutes. This location is suitable for year round family portraits in Bucks County. The pines are always in green. The indoor space includes brown wood floors and big airy windows for natural light beauty. 

4. Tyler Gardens at Bucks County Community College, Newtown PA

Similar to a scene the Alice in Wonderland! This is a fun location for a family looking for a more controlled environment for their photo shoot. The garden is full of neat brick buildings and some beautiful stone windows that capture the glow of the moment. This photoshoot location is playful, allowing toddlers to roam around and explore their environment. There are several points in the garden with beautiful views and open spaces. The gardens are regularly groomed and blooms are always in season.  Please be aware that for this special location, your photographer will require a $100 permit for a 1-hour portrait session prior to your arrival.

5. Your Own Home

We’ve spent so much time talking about making your family comfortable – and
there’s nowhere they feel more at home than your actual home! Let the kids snuggle on the couch
just like they do while they watch Sunday morning cartoons, or play dress up in the playroom as a
family. Dance around the kitchen, play with Rover in the backyard or make faces through the
screened door. It’s so fun seeing your everyday life through the lens of a professional photographer –
it helps you realize how precious and beautiful the moments really are.In the next piece, we will be talking about what to wear for your session, so read along!

Thank you for reading all about the best outdoor photo session locations around Newtown, PA Lower Bucks County

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or just to brainstorm the best location for your upcoming photography session. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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