Hiring a Family Photographer? 3 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Photographer

a father pretending to talk on the phone during a photo shoot in philadelphia3 Great Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Family Photographer

So you want to hire a professional photographer. You’ve made a great decision!

Let’s face it, your family is a lot of fun and you want your photography to capture all the details!

Personality, from sass to shyness and everything in between is the core of what needs to documented during this unique time in your family’s life.

In this quick read, I’ll talk about 3 simple questions to ask when you’re shopping around for a professional photographer.

Q. What is your experience working with kids?

A. Asking open-ended questions to your potential photographer is a great way to get to fell them out. This will give you an idea of who they are and if they will be a great match for your family.  Over the phone or in-person is the best way to share an open dialog and obtain the most amount of information prior to selecting the right family photographer.

“How do you handle kids that are just downright crazy?!”
“How long have you been in business”
“What is your typical family/client like?”
“What sets you apart from other family photographers in Philadelphia”


a brother and sister hugging in a field in philadelphia at their photo session with Heather Thomas Photography

Q. How do you prep your clients for their outdoor photo shoot?

A. Clothing! Do you struggle to get your attire ready for a family photo shoot? Coordinating the outfits and making sure everyone looks great is no easy task. This is the number one struggle for my clients – and the struggle is real! One important question to ask your potential photographer is, will they give guidance and recommendations on clothing choices? Feeling great in your clothing choices and loving the final family photos are the most important, right?

In addition, knowing what to expect at your photo session is important. Will the family include a pre-session guide or offer a pre-session consultation to walk you through the process? Does the photographer have a flow for photographing families? What guidance will they give you to help prepare your little ones? How will they help you keep it together at a photo shoot to capture the most key moments?

a family hugging in a field in philadelphia at their photo session with Heather Thomas Photography

Q. What is your style when it comes to photographing families?

A. Not just their editing style, their overall style and approach to carrying out a family photo shoot are both important. A great family photographer wants to capture you and your loved ones in a variety of different ways. From the posed shots to the candid ones and everything in between.

When it comes to editing, it’s important to know that every portrait photographer has their own style. Look closely at their portfolio for consistency. Photographers develop their own style over years of work and training. Maybe it’s light an airy or dark and moody. What best suits your taste? What style complements your home best?

In conclusion, there are a few simple questions to ask when seeking the best photographer for your family. Understanding their experience with photographing families with similar ages as your own children may be an important question to ask. What is their editing style and does it complement your taste? Once you have interviewed a few family photographers by asking them these 3 simple questions, you will be on your way to a great photo shoot!

Thanks for reading!

What else would you want to know when considering how to hire a professional photographer? Tell me below in the comment section.

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