Core Creek Family Pictures | Langhorne, PA

Core Creek Family Pictures | Langhorne, PA

Core Creek is a park in Langhorne, PA right along the water, and a favorite
among my clients. September looks best when it’s painted on the trees and hanging in the air, and this photo shoot embodied the playful energy that comes right before a long, cold northeastern winter. The weather is perfect for photos at this time of year – minimal sweat, perfect cozy sweater weather. The kiddos loved playing in the soft grass, and all the deep green tones provided such a depth to the photos that I fell in love with. Not to mention that this area is great for the little ones because of the open spaces and little wooded glens. If you have a family that likes to explore, this could be a great place to set up your session!

One Year Ago 

At our last session about a year ago, Mom was still pregnant with the beautiful little baby girl in these photos. It was so fun spending time with the baby we’d been hopefully awaiting last year. Baby #3 adds even more sweetness to an already adorable family, and it was so fun to capture the ever-growing love of a growing group. The little girl really showed off her sunshine personality in her laughter and sweet smiles. Mom and Baby wore flowers in their hair, adding a cohesiveness, splash of fun color, and playfulness to the pictures. She was so excited to have a daughter as their third child, and the excitement shows. Never be afraid to express your unique style and your fun-loving side to the camera!
Photo Session Outfit Choices

The girls weren’t the only ones coordinating though – the guys’ ties and cool hairdos were too cute and stylish. And what a good way to include your kids in the session planning instead of making getting their pictures taken a miserable experience! When kids feel like they are truly involved in what’s going on, it gets them excited and helps them see the value of the session – and it will help them feel more comfortable being themselves in front of the camera, making for the most authentic pictures.

Langhorne Family Portraits-1.jpg
The big brothers hugging on their little sister are beyond precious, and I know this family will treasure these moments years down the road. The boys’ little ties add the element of formality, and their beaming smiles brighten every scene. When the little guy shows us his muscles, you can tell he’s a superhero in the making. I try to encourage my clients to be themselves and loosen up, climb around, and have fun – which is exactly what these guys did!

Langhorne Family Portraits-6.jpg

Langhorne Family Portraits-54.jpg

The whole point of capturing these memories is holding onto the days the way they really were, the love you truly have for each other right now, nothing fake. And you can tell from each of these pictures how real the love is in this beautiful family! I tried to stay away from the cookie cutter, pasted on smile pictures in this session, focusing instead of the constant movement of the little boys and the blossoming personality of the baby girl. Hugs and kisses and hand-holding galore, the affection glowed in every photo.

outdoor photography session in langhorne pa with heather thomas photography
Three siblings holding hands at Core Creek in Langhorne, PA
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