At the outdoor studio

There’s something special about the bond between sisters. This trio had a connection that was all at once sweet, loving, fierce, and fun! Their mom reached out to me with the desire to capture this beautiful stage of their childhood in all its chaos and glory. These days, that seems to be what parents want in their sibling photo shoots — authenticity and sincerity. There is a place for formal sit-still portraits, but with kids especially, there’s something magical about capturing the present moment as it is.

The youngest was not quite one, so we knew to be ready to go with the flow and just have fun. And that’s what we did! The girls laughed, giggled, and played their way through our session. And we found some really great poses — and “un-poses”!



Fall photo sessions are wonderful for getting rich golden light and colorful seasonally-changing foliage. The air is cooler, and there’s the feeling of being both at the beginning and at the end of something exciting. Summer is coming to a close, but the holidays are on the horizon. It’s an inspiring time.

My outdoor studio in Newtown was the perfect location to get the best of what autumn had to give for this sibling photo shoot, both indoors and outdoors. The girls had permission to explore and enjoy each others’ company. And I simply followed their lead. Their genuine expressions and sweet personalities were star-quality. 



The different ages these girls were at was such a treat — each in their own specific stage of discovery. And I loved how they dressed the part. They practically looked like they stepped out of a magazine! The baby in her pure white and cream, full of unbridled curiosity. The middle preschooler, in a cheerful flower-print dress and bright pink bow amongst her bouncy blond curls. The big sister in her navy pants and faux-fur vest, with a touch of light-hearted sophistication and a sense of pride at being the oldest. And while mom wasn’t the main feature here, I love her great big warm smile that’s present whenever she’s there.


Photos like these give me that same great big warm smile, too. Children grow up so fast, and a sibling photo shoot is such a special way to hold on to those moments for a lifetime. I know mom will always look back on these pictures with fondness. And these three delightful little ladies will, too.

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