The Mother Daughter Bond

I offered the Summer Barefoot Series as outdoor sessions in the summer of 2019. No shoes, under the blue sky, and with the carefree laidback joy of summer! I was thrilled to book this mother-daughter duo, as I’ve been photographing this sweet family since their daughter was just a baby. We did that first photo session in the same outdoor location (and boy, that was a treat to photograph!) I love doing outdoor photo shoots in this Newtown, PA location.


Our outdoor photo shoot in Newtown, PA was filled with all the things a four-year-old does best. They chased each other through the field, tickled in the grass, spun in circles, and shared some wonderful cuddles. They fit in perfectly with the tall stalks of grass and wildflowers. Their summer dresses looked lovely and their long hair flowed with the breeze. This mother-daughter duo had a lovingly close relationship that was delightful to witness.


As mom looks back on these photos in the years to come, she will no doubt smile with unending joy as she remembers the summer of age four. She’ll remember the wonder, the discoveries, the achievements, and the pureness of childhood. These photos will be more precious than all the gold in the world.


When the mom called me up to book this outdoor photo shoot in Newtown, PA, she said she wanted to document their special bond in the present moment. Four years old is a lovely age. They are right in between being a toddler and being a Kindergartner. It can be bittersweet, as they are growing up out of their cute chubby cheeks and into the independent little person they are meant to be. It’s amazing to witness the growth and learning they are doing every single day, and that’s also why it makes it the perfect time for a professional photo shoot.

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