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Beach Photography in Ocean City NJ

The Ocean City, NJ beach is a magical place for family photography sessions. The skies are pink and blue, the water teal and the sand is white. Beach photo sessions offer you the opportunity to document your family in one of the most carefree, relaxed locations – the beach! Many families travel ‘down the shore’ for their annual family vacation. Why not have your photo session take place where you create the most beautiful memories!

From beginning to end, your Heather Thomas Photographer Beach Photo Shoot is a full-on family experience. It’s as easy as getting your outfits together (oh, hi! Here to help with that), showing up and having a blast on the beach!

The OCNJ Beach Photography Experience is booking now for Summer 2022. Please follow the link below to set up a call or send an email via our contact button above the page.





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