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How to Choose a Theme for Your Cake Smash Photo Session


A year has gone by, probably faster than you’d like, and your baby is now ready to turn one! It’s an exciting time for the entire family and a cake smash photo session is a great way to mark the occasion.


Choosing the right theme for your cake smash photo session can be tricky, however. There are so many options and it’s easy to get stuck scrolling through Pinterest for hours for the right idea. Let’s look at a few questions to ask as you choose a theme and some good theme ideas to consider.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cake Smash Photo Session Theme

  • Where will I display these portraits? An album, a wall gallery or a wall print?

  • Do I want to match the baby’s nursery or first birthday theme or keep it separate?

  • Does your family share a common interest or hobby?

  • Are there any recurring themes that have special meaning in your family’s life?

  • Have you already chosen the perfect outfit for your baby?

7 Ways to Choose a Cake Smash Theme

1) Color 

While a color or a set of colors isn’t completely a cake smash theme, you can choose to base the theme on the colors you prefer. Maybe you want to go with the traditional pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Of course, you can choose to match the colors to the decor in your home or anything else you prefer.

2) Baby’s Nursery

You can keep everything cohesive by matching the cake smash theme to the theme of your baby’s nursery. Maybe you waited to find out the gender, so you went with a safari theme for the nursery. This can become the theme for your cake smash photo session, too. When you match the themes, the pictures from your photo session will fit right in with the nursery!

3) First Birthday Party

Of course, a pretty easy theme to choose is to make the cake smash photo session the first birthday party for your baby. You can use decorations that match a first birthday party in your theme so it all matches.

4) Baby’s Favorite Toys

Maybe your baby has latched on to a few specific toys and you want to create a cake smash theme around those toys. With the right toys, you can create an entire theme to match what your baby loves!

5) Baby’s Favorite Character

Has your baby already decided they have a favorite character? If so, you can match the theme of their cake smash photo session to this character. This theme can even spill over into the first birthday party to give you a cohesive look for both.

6) Parents’ Favorite Activities

Of course, if you, as the parents, have a favorite activity, your baby will likely love that activity, too. Maybe you love going camping and plan to teach your child how to camp. This can make a great theme for a cake smash photo session.

There are many themes to choose from based on your favorite activities. From a specific sports team to a hobby to a movie or TV series you absolutely love, the possibilities are endless.

7) Simple and Minimal

If you’d rather skip the busy cake smash theme and put all the focus on the baby, you can choose a minimal and simple theme. Just use a simple backdrop and get the classic look of your baby smashing that cake as the focus.

There are many different options when you want to have a cake smash photo session for your baby’s first birthday. Whether you want to match the theme to a favorite of the baby, a favorite of the parents, or go classic with a simple photo shoot, anything is possible.

If you’re ready to book your cake smash photo session, contact me directly. I am here to answer any questions you might have and help you choose the right cake smash theme.
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