Welcome! Do you have a cute baby between the age of 6 and 11 months old? Are you ready to document this ever-changing and joyful time in your (and your child’s) life?

Trust me when I say these days are fleeting. They fly by. As if you haven’t heard that one million in a halftime, right?  Truthfully, my clients come back and tell me how much they treasure the portraits and video of their little one that we captured at the “sitting” mark. Why sitting? Once your infant starts sitting, we are able to capture them in this whole new light.  Roughly speaking, the first year is broken up into  :

  •  0 months –  newborn & maternity
  • 1-6 months – belly, rolling early smiling
  • 6-11 months – early sitting, back and belly, early crawling
  • 12 months – first birthday!

This window of time after the early infant time is truly when their personality starts to flourish. The wrinkled nose or shaking their head no. They start preferring different foods. It’s all so amazing. That’s all.

Many of my families want their baby photo shoot to be at outdoor-indoor and outdoor studio in Newtown so that we can use both the indoor and outdoor space. Your session can absolutely take place wherever you choose. I’ve worked with families in their homes to incorporate the nursery you so lovingly put together. Outside as a local park is another great option. Look around your home to get a feel for where these portraits will eventually be hung. Start thinking about what backdrop you want to see your infant in.

A few quick facts about your infant photo shoot :

  • Your photo session takes about 30 minutes
  • Additional outfits are welcome (babies usually last about 2 outfit changes)
  • Contact me to learn about rompers, one-pieces and other accessories available to incorporate into your photo shoot
  • Your baby does not need to be sitting; I have a fun chair and other tools for infants not yet sitting

I love to chat with my clients to hear all about their little one and their vision for their infant photo shoot.
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Full milestone session samples can be found HERE.

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