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Should you include your family pet in your family photo shoot?

In short…why not include your family pet in your photo shoot? Your dog is likely a big part of your family. Why not bring him or her along for your family photos this year? Including your family pet in your photos brings out so many natural smiles and expressions in the photos – let’s face it, dogs are funny subjects! They move, bark and jump. Let’s talk about how to prepare your dog and family for a family portrait session that will include the family pet.

How to Prepare for a pet photography session :

I start by asking, well, what sort of dog do you have? Can he be tied up to a tree? Is he a puppy or older dog? Does he stay close by when out at the local park? It’s important to think of these factors when planning your family photo shoot with your pet. Another factor is the heat. Since we’ll photograph the family with the dog first, will he be okay waiting for the rest of the session? Here is what you should bring along with your dog to the photo shoot :

  • the dog’s leash
  • a few treats
  • 2 baggies
  • squeaky toy (optional)

Let’s see a “cheese”!

We can see clearly that our family pet is cheesing it up for the camera! Look at that big ole tongue hanging out. The love we have for our family pet is like no other.


girl in the fall sitting outside playing with her brown boxer at a park in bucks county pa

family photo with a dog in the fall

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