Field Family Portraits in Philadelphia, PA

It’s been a delight to photograph this little family — which has become bigger year after year! We usually do their family portrait sessions at the beach. But this time they chose to take advantage of the barefoot mini sessions in this lovely Philadelphia-area field that I offered during the summer. 

The youngest was almost one here, and it was certainly a joy to photograph all these siblings together. The natural tones of green and gold, along with the rustic elements of the wooden ladder and box, gave the images a natural feel that worked well to highlight their natural bond as brothers and sisters. 


Their outfits complemented each other without being overly matchy. I loved how each one dressed to bring out their natural personality. They used blue as a theme color, but each child wore a variation of the tone with their own style of outfit. This gave it a cohesive look while highlighting their individuality. 


Photographing four kids of a wide age-range can be exciting and also challenging! It’s important to choose poses that work for both the oldest in the group — and the youngest. It’s also critical that you are fully prepared to keep the session moving and flowing forward. With four different attention spans, you have to maintain a high level of flexibility. 

The photos where they are able to lean in together, like the one layout on the ground looking up, is a favorite. This simple pose is a good way to get them all in a family portrait, regardless of age. And it really captures their innocence and playfulness as children.


Since it’s not always easy to get just the right look on every face (when you have four or more children), here’s another great tip for big families. Use their individual portraits and hang them side by side on one wall. Showcase each one of them independently — but as a group. You get the best of all worlds!   

If you have a big family, don’t shy away from a professional group session because you think it might be too challenging. There are lots of ways to get fabulous family portraits you’ll love!

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