In-Home Newborn Photo Shoot – Philadelphia

In-Home Newborn Photo Shoot – Philadelphia

Looking for a photographer to capture the unique intricacies of your family’s loving relationships within the four walls of your own home? In-home photography sessions are becoming more and more popular because of the convenience and coziness involved. From the inherent atmosphere of relaxation that comes with staying in your own space to the flexibility of having everything you need for your kids right where you put it, in-home photography can be the best choice for families big and small.ricketti-newborn-photos-newtown-pa-21.jpg
Real Life Photos, Real Life Moments 

It’s especially great for newborn photo sessions. Right after your new family member is born, you want to stay as close to your tiny baby and as far away from germs as possible. Real life photos come from real life backgrounds and environments, and where can you get closer to regular day to day reality than in your own home? Babies require a lot of stuff: the feedings, the washcloths, the diapers, the pacifiers… Packing a diaper bag can take an hour, and finding things in that diaper bag while you’re out and about can take even longer – why not stay at home where everything you need is right in the next room? The baby stays safe and happy, and mom and dad can relax into capturing their first moments of parenting on film. Getting those intimate pictures showing the closeness of parents and children so early on in the baby’s life is something that can be treasured throughout your lives.
closeups of a newborn girl in a basket

In this particular photo session, Halloween was just around the corner – and Mom was fully prepared with a sweet pumpkin hat for her newborn baby girl. This precious family had just moved from Florida and was still settling into their home and life in Pennsylvania, making an in-home session that much more special. Since they could stay at home, the family did not have to do much preparation within the space and could just use their brand new, beautiful home as the decor.
closeups of a newborn girl in pumpkin hat

Unique Nursery Decor

These photos include their adorable nursery decor, especially the rose accents of the crib and the beautiful flowered “C” for their baby’s name. I love the genuine, love-filled snuggles and the complete awe that these first-time parents had with their tiny baby. They could choose a variety of outfits since all of the baby’s clothes were right there in the nursery. It wasn’t a big deal when a diaper change needed to happen, and we had more time to get to know each other and figure out the family’s goals for the photos. With so much change happening all around this family, these photos are a reminder of the constancy of family love.
a 10 day old newborn laying on a floral blanket

Staying at home for a session isn’t just for families with a newborn, though. Having pictures that last a lifetime featuring the home where all the memories took place is truly irreplaceable. Show your love for the kids’ favorite toys in the playroom, get messy baking in the kitchen, or have an impromptu pillow fight on the couch! Let your kiddos be themselves, and take a deep breath knowing that the pictures will reflect your reality and the family you love so dearly.
a a picture of a mother and father hugging their newborn at a photo session in newtown pa
a a picture of a mother hugging her newborn at a photo session in newtown pa
a a picture of a mother and father hugging their newborn at a photo session in newtown pa
a mother and father hugging their newborn at a photo session in newtown pa
Outdoor Family Portraits
a newborn girl in a basket in newtown pa
a newborn girl in a basket at a photo shoot in newtown pa
a newborn girl wrapped in a floral blanket laying on a bed during her photo shoot with heather thomas photography in newtown pa
More Philadelphia Newborn Photography Sessions
a family standing outside their home in newtown pa at their newborn photo shoot

Thank you so much, mom and dad, for entrusting me with these memories!


Reach out to Heather to reserve your in-home newborn or family photo session today!

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