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The connection between a mom and her kids is a special one. And because kids grow so quickly, it’s a wonderful idea to document those moments in time with a portrait session. I took these photographs in Bucks County PA with this mama and her two elementary-school-aged kids.

As children grow out of the preschool age, they tend to be more self-conscious and insecure in front of the camera. Working with them to get great photos takes a little more planning, but it’s certainly not impossible! I love seeing how they open up to share their unique personalities that come with this age. 


We captured these photographs at my Bucks County PA outdoor studio, making use of some of the indoor space as well. Before any photo session, I think through the ideal flow we’ll create within the physical space we’re using. Depending on the age of the kids, I pull out different “props” we can use to add interest and bring the photos together.

For this session, I brought out my favorite mini-couch to keep them close and cuddled together in the shot. It works great on the wood flooring of the open front porch. I also used a colorful patchwork family quilt, which was a great addition to the photos I shot above them as they laid back together with their great big smiles. The quilt also worked nicely to unify the colors of their clothing and give a fun, carefree, but cohesive feel to the images.


If you’re getting family photographs in Bucks County (or anywhere else for that matter!) with elementary-school-aged kids, here are some helpful tips to make your session a stunning success.

  1. Before the session, give your photographer as much information as possible about your family dynamic. Make sure they know what your kids are like. Are they shy? Are they wildly energetic? Do they get along with each other? Does one of them cling to you often? When your photographer has an idea of your personalities ahead of time, they can come up with ideas to help you get the most amazing photos possible. 
  2. Let your kids help pick the outfits. At this age, they tend to be more particular about what they wear. And you’re more likely to have a smoother photo shoot if your kids are happy and comfortable in what they’re wearing. Depending on how extreme your kid is, either let them choose from whatever is in their closet or perhaps simply give them three options to choose from. When they are part of the decision planning process, they will be more likely to be excited about the photo session, too. 
  3. Keep an open mind. Forget about any expectations you may have, and simply plan on following your kids’ lead. Forcing photos that they are not enjoying will not capture the memories that you want to capture. If they are having fun with posed portraits, roll with it. If they like to move around and dance, then do it! The idea is to capture the pureness of your relationship so that you remember exactly what the best part of this stage was like in your life.


Life goes by so fast. Our kids grow up in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we want to rush through certain phases that are tougher than others, and perhaps it would benefit us to pause and find the beauty in those moments! Whether you want to savor it or move on through it, every stage of your kids’ life has a piece of magic within. Freezing that moment in time with a memory-filled photo session is a beautiful way to focus on the good stuff. 

And if you’d like to get your memory-filled photographs in Bucks County, PA, I know the perfect place! *wink*

family portrait by heather thomasmom and kids smiling on a blanket outside

mother and two kids on a blanket

family photo session outside
brother and sister photography
siblings sitting outdoors

family photos outdoors bucks county pa
mom and son outdoor portrait
mom and daughter portrait on a porch

sibling portraits
mom and kids outdoors
sibling photography session
casual portrait of young boy
mom and two kids in bucks county
family photographs in bucks county pa

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