Ocean City, NJ Beach Photography Session | The K Family

The K family photo shoot in Ocean City, NJ

It’s an annual thing  -The K family photo shoot. This time, in Ocean City, NJ. Each year, we get together to document the special time in their lives. Maybe at the park, or downtown Philadelphia. But this time, it’s in OCNJ. This was their first official trip to this shore town for vacation. I knew for sure there would be a lot of special memories to be had.


These beach family portraits are truly joyful. Them as I saw them on the beach that day.  As the kids grow older, it’s easier to capture their bond and love for one another. Simply put, they do have fun together (even if they fight, right?). The hand holding and playing together is natural for them. When the summer is in full swing, both the lifeguard stands and the boats are out on every other block. It’s fun to add these details into the session. The ocean and dunes also add great detail to my beach photo sessions. After my traditional dune shots, I’ll be sure to let them head towards the ocean to document

It was the day after bad storms in Ocean City. The air was hot and humid! We were able to push our session into the following day, giving us a more pleasant golden hour. I’m loving the blue and orange tones they put together to wear. They complement the blue, orange and pink skies behind them.

Mom and Dad – thank you! Thank you for allowing me into your lives each year to capture your lives. I know for sure you (and your little ones) will treasure these photographs for decades to come. And happy 8th birthday, bud! You are gem 🙂

Family beach photos ocnj-1.jpg
The beauty is all around with these two. Smiles, half smiles and “the stare”. Each and every expression is them! Family beach photos ocnj-10.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-12.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-15.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-24.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-23.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-28.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-29.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-34.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-27.jpg
a family of four wearing blue standing on the beach in ocean city nj
a family of four standing against a boat on the beach in ocean city nj with heather thomas photography
a mother and daughter holding hands on the beach in ocean city nj
a 10 year old girl running on the beach in ocean city nj
Family beach photos ocnj-82.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-90.jpg
a boy and girl on the beach for a photo shoot with heather thomas photography in ocean city nj
Family beach photos ocnj-92.jpg
a girl and boy standing near the ocean in OCNJ
Family beach photos ocnj-72.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-70.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-69.jpg
Family beach photos ocnj-60.jpg
They have such a special bond. Both mom and son and dad and daughter. It’s always a must do pose for me. Look at the way he looks at his mama, gahhh!Family beach photos ocnj-50.jpg

The smile on dad’s face though….Family beach photos ocnj-54.jpg


The smile on dad’s face though….

Family beach photos ocnj-58.jpg
Just a walk on the beach in Ocean City, NJ at sunset!a family of four walking on the beach in ocean city nj
a family of four walking and laughing on the beach in ocean city nj
a father and son on the beach in ocean city nj


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