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Simply Baby or Cake Smash?

Is your little one 2-12 months and in need of updated portraits to capture their personality during this precious time in their first year? Is he or she ready to celebrate their first birthday? Join us at the Bucks County photo studio, now through March 18, 2017 for a Signature Simply Baby or Cake Smash photo session to document this ever-changing time. Allow award-winning Philadelphia baby photographer, Heather Thomas work hands on with your little one to document this special time.

Gain access to the HTP prop collection and allow us to create images that will put you in tears.

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Simply Baby is an opportunity to capture all the details of your baby at this memorable time in their life. These promotional baby sessions are reserved for your little one ages 2-11 months old and can include siblings for one portrait.

Cake Smash photo sessions bring out the best in everyone. Bring your 1 year old in to the studio to smash some cake to celebrate their first birthday. Using a custom theme, we’ll put together the perfect set for your little one.

The indoor/ outdoor Bucks County photography studio just 25 minutes outside of Philadelphia.

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Update 2016!

The studio was busy this year with beautiful babes of all ages. We had a blast tickling, playing and laughing with these little ones. Most babies that join us for the Simply Baby promo are returning clients from their newborn session. Seeing all the personality changes in just a few short months blows my mind. Typically by 4 months they are laughing and giggling on their backs and bellies. By 6-8 months they are sitting nicely unsupported and by 9-11 months they are proudly standing against one of our vintage props for support smiling with several teeth.


If possible, we’ll add siblings in for a portrait or two so that we can capture this special bond between the baby and their bigger siblings. The older ones always feel special being in charge and responsible for their much loved little sister or brother. Parents usually melt over these photos giving them tears when they come back to pick out their favorites.

Wall Art

I’m pleased to see the photos of the art work parents will hang around the home of their sweet ones. I believe portraits in the home build character and give us something to wake up and smile at each morning.

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