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Extended Family Photo Shoot

12 people wearing black and white formal photo session in newtown pa with heather thomas photography

It was the holiday season 2018. My client requested a photography gift card for a family photo shoot. He was planning to give it to his mom for Christmas. She wanted an extended family photo shoot for the whole family. Extended family photo sessions are in demand.

What would it be like to have professional photographs of you with your cousins and grandparents when you were a child. I know for sure I would treasure those as I’m still close with my cousins and my grandparents are deceased.

The Picture Heirlooms

When it comes to trusting a professional photographer for your extended family photo shoot, it’s important to look at the end goal. What heirlooms do you plan on creating? How do you plan on displaying photos? Do you want your kids and grandkids to have copies? Each extended family is different with different needs. It’s important that we come up with a plan prior to the photo shoot so that I can shoot accordingly. Family albums, wall art, and digital files are all important to my clients.

The Photo Shoot

When I connected with Mary (grandmother) to coordinate the photography shoot, she mentioned that she wanted something different. She has 6 grand(girls!) She had their matching dresses and wanted to include their parents in a more formal picture setting. Studio, not outdoors. She sent me some samples of the look she wanted to achieve and I went to town prepping for the portrait session.

We had a really fun time creating these extended family portraits! The black and white lollipops added an exciting touch at the end 😉

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