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Sibling Photo Session Experience

“Do we really have to grow up? If we never do then so what?” -Kacey Musgraves

Remember your earliest memories with your siblings or best friends in the early years of your life. Experiencing the pure enjoyment of ones company just out of love, adventure and the improvisation of your surroundings. These moments are what fueled the results in this photo session. To be presented with such a beautiful brother and sister combination, made my day at the meadow almost too easy. The golden light provided by the oncoming dusk highlighted their playfulness, like they knew the day was coming to an end soon and they had to take advantage of the day before Mom and Dad called out “Bed-Time!”

Clothing Choices

We dressed them to represent the roles they play in each others lives. She, in a whimsical, free-flowing dress in the color of cream to symbolize her youth. He in denim and darker tones which allowed him to show his role as the older brother. Just seeing him push her on the tricycle was a lovely moment. A signifier that what we were on the right track to accomplish our goals. Together the differences are apparent but also complimented one another.

As important as it was to capture these two together they are, after all, individuals. Tiny individuals but full of wonder on their own.  It was important to find single moments with them. To immortalize the precious innocence that they have. It’s one of the many reasons I love what I do. Photo sessions like this remind me of the easier days, of the days of innocence.

The Final Product

Before each photo session, getting an idea of the final product desired is important. If it’s a photo wall display mom & dad are trying to achieve, it changes the way I compose the session. I knew mom wanted some special wall art to hang around their new home.

Mom was very pleased with these photographs! When she arrived at the studio to view the portraits, I knew she was going to love selecting the wall art from the photo session for her new home. She selected several sizes to hang together, including a black and white piece to complement the other portraits already hanging.

Thanks mom and dad for trusting me with these memories!

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