Siblings and Best Friends // Bucks County, PA Children’s Photography

Sisters and Best Friends

When these three arrived at the studio in Newtown, PA for their photo session, I knew right away that they were more then just sisters; they were best friends. Sister. Best Friend. Confidante. Nemesis (When she steals your clothes.) Role Model. Guardian. Partner in Crime. Shoulder to Cry On. Home.

The Closeness

My goal for this session was to pose these three in a way to capture their sisterly bond. Starting inside the studio with the natural light flowing through the window was the perfect spot to start. The natural light adds depth to their smiles and interaction with one another. Keeping them close in one small space allows me to capture the close bond that they share.

The Backdrop

After the inside portion, we moved outside to use nature as our backdrop. My favorite part of photographing young children is allowing them to explore the earth. This is something young kids do so naturally that it allows for the most precious moments to be documented with no fancy extras to take away from our beautiful subject. Being sisters and best friends, it’s easy to sit them next to each other with their arms around each other.

As you can see in many of the photos from the session, the trees were in full bloom with an array of tones and textures giving extra emphasis these three beautiful girls. The individual portraits are an important part of capturing who these girls truly are.

 There are so many ways to define a sister with just few words but the words are plentiful. We spend our whole lives with them, together and apart. The bonds that are built are special, sacred. sisters in the park leaning on each other in dress up clothes

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