A Sunset in OCNJ| Ocean City, NJ Beach Photographer

A Sunset in OCNJ

It was towards the end of the summer, 2018. A muted sunset in OCNJ. A photographers dream come true.  The sky was pink, the water, blue and the sand, soft as ever. In the distance, there are vacationers wrapping up after a long day on the beach. Folding up umbrellas. Collecting the sand toys. Discussing dinner options. There is this very special time on the beach in Ocean City, NJ during the summer months.

It’s my favorite time on the beach. The dusk hours. The peaceful waves seem so settled. Lifeguards have gone home (or to happy hour) and there is plenty of room to explore the beach. This is the time of day we head to the beach for family beach portraits. It’s a private photo shoot with the beach all to ourselves! Some of my favorite memories with my clients on the beach include wave jumping and sand throwing and dancing near the water.

There are so many poses to try on the beach! The opportunities are endless. Some of my favorites include throwing the kiddos in the air, walking along the shore and the family hug looking to the ocean.

Ocean City, NJ is the best place for family photography sessions. There are options to shoot near the pier or near the boardwalk. If you’re like me, the entrance way to the beach is oh so important. As you’ll see in a lot of my beach photography sessions, I have a small crush on great walkways and open dunes (for backdrop purposes)

Cheers to this absolutely adorable almost family of three for letting me explore their sunset in OCNJ with them. It’s always a pleasure working with you guys!


Playing in the sand in OCNJ. A two-year-olds favorite thing to do.

I’m loving this father-son portrait moment!

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