The S family came out last fall to update their family portrait to include their newest addition – a sweet baby boy! When I talked with mom, we figured the outside studio in Newtown, PA would be a great backdrop for their family portrait session. Fall was in the air, but it was still pretty nice out with the sun shining down on the day of their photo shoot.

The Reason for Portraits

An upcoming or recent first birthday is the perfect reason to update family portraits and capture this very unique time. This little boy was all set to commemorate his first birthday with an outdoor photo shoot. I was so happy that mom and dad brought along their dog since he is a big part of big brother’s life. Just look at the look on their sweet puppies face when he was sitting on the step in between the family! I’m pretty sure he’s smiling.

The Backdrop

The greens surrounding the outdoor space that we used gave the perfect backdrop for an outdoor photography session. I enjoy using a mix of the natural light and big windows inside the studio to capture the more intimate moments. Moving outside shortly after set the scene for the more earthy and textured backdrop I aim for at an outdoor family photo shoot.

Thank you mom and dad for choosing me to be your Philadelphia, PA Outdoor Photographer and congrats to surviving the first year 🙂

photographers yardley pa-30.jpg

photographers yardley pa-41.jpg

photographers yardley pa-48.jpg

photographers yardley pa-50.jpg

photographers yardley pa-47.jpg
photographers yardley pa-45.jpg
photographers yardley pa-42.jpg

photographers yardley pa-27.jpg
Look at this sweet image on the walkway on the studio with the light on behind them. Better yet, check out the smile on that gorgeous birthday boy walking with mom and dad!
My favorite poses for a family of three are always the walking and throwing ones! It’s always a big smile on the little one!photographers yardley pa-36.jpg
photographers yardley pa-39.jpg
photographers yardley pa-24.jpg
photographers yardley pa-31.jpg
photographers yardley pa-16.jpg
photographers yardley pa-13.jpg
photographers yardley pa-5.jpg
photographers yardley pa-8.jpg
photographers yardley pa-2.jpg
photographers yardley pa-23.jpg
photographers yardley pa-15.jpg

photographers yardley pa-18.jpg

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