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Oh, hey there! So, you want to know more about me and what my family photography experiences are like? Well, let's get to it. 

Let's face it, your kids are crazy, right? They don't sit still. You can't get a nice photo of them together, or separate. Forget a family portrait. Maybe you're expecting and need to know how this all goes down. Let's be completely honest here. You need a professional. 

Enter.......former nanny, education college grad, experienced and professional photographer with great reviews from past clients. 

It's totally possible, simple & fun to create this imagery for your family.  Once you realize this is not 1982 old fashion photo studio experience (think shag rugs and big bright lights), you'll realize that a family photo shoot with Heather 'Thomas Photography is a full-on family experience from beginning to end. 

Let your kids love it, let your husband love it because I am certain they will be smiling their way into the car. Even dad will say, "that was easy". Heck, they may even take you out to lunch after!

Over the past 9 years, I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of families in the Philadelphia area. Some families, year after year for 6,7,8 years in a row. No, that doesn't mean I'm old and boring! Well, maybe my 2-year-old will tell you that ;)

I have worked with all types of families and it's the absolute, hands down favorite part of my career. Hearing from you, listening to you and working with you!

As a new mom, I'm seeing first hand how much joy these portraits of my little guy and our little family have brought me. I have large and small canvas' & big framed prints that I enjoy each day. We have a family gallery wall in my family room that get's more compliments than I ever will. 

These are moments you don’t want to lose sight of. Your final collection of individually edited portraits will include a beautiful mix of both candid and posed images for you to choose from.

These moments are fleeting. These times are emotional. 

Have another minute? Let's chat real quick about the actual session


Keeping the focus on my subject by using soft tones, natural light, and elements of the earth is important to me. I interact with, engage or just observe your children and you during the session.  This is not the time for everyone to be shouting "say cheese" so your little people feel pressured. 

Please look around my portfolio to see that I use my location to it's potential and props are not a big part of my style. I will often have my adorable child-sized furniture or my classic wooden box out to explore which are always a big hit. 

A few last minute details :

  • You won't feel rushed. 

Your session will have a flow. I take the time needed for your little ones to warm up. Or I start fast and finish quickly if they are ready to jump right in and won't last very long. I work around them. They guide me and it's meant to be that way. This is how I am successful with child and family portraits. 

  • Choosing your location/backdrop

With a list of the most beautiful locations in the Greater Philadelphia area, you will not be disappointed with the options. If you're not sure which location to use, I'm here to help narrow the choices. 

Your photo shoot backdrop can include leaves and trees, old architecture, water or a golden field. These galleries will give you an idea of the different backdrops available :

In/Out Studio 

The Studio - Read more about the photography studio in Newtown, PA

    I am excited to be your photographer, and to watch your family grow in the years to come!

    Please use the contact us tab to confirm availability for your photography session in Philadelphia or call 267-753-9401. 

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