A January Outdoor Family Photo Shoot in Newtown, PA with Heather Thomas Photography

So, picture this: it’s January, the month of frosty noses and icy toes, and we decide to have a family photo shoot for our little munchkin’s first birthday. Now, some people might think we’re absolutely bonkers for braving the chilly weather, but truth be told, we’ve got a secret weapon up our sleeves. We’re heading to this magical place called the outdoor indoor studio. Yeah, you heard that right, it’s like a unicorn of photography locations. You see, this place has mastered the art of fooling Mother Nature. They’ve got all these incredible nooks and crannies, both indoors and outdoors, where you can capture the perfect shot without turning into a human popsicle. It’s like they’ve got a secret stash of sunshine and warmth hidden away. So, while the rest of the world is shivering in their winter coats, we’ll be striking poses in this winter wonderland, feeling like supermodels in our thermals. Who needs summer when you’ve got a family photo shoot in January, right?a family of four outside a farmhouse studio in newtown pa

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