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What does it take to have the perfect fall family portrait session? Lots of cuddles, kisses, laughter, and love. And a pile of fallen leaves tossed into the air for good measure! This extended family photo shoot comprised of three generations couldn’t have been more lovely. 

The daughter had bought a gift card for her mom for an autumn photo shoot with the family. They chose to include the whole extended family, and it was a fantastic decision. They met me at my outdoor studio in Newton, and we spent the session taking portraits all around the property. We made sure to capture the gorgeous fall foliage and make use of the golden sunlight filtering through. 


The family did a phenomenal job choosing their coordinated outfits. With a theme of navy, gold, and maroon, they complemented each other and the vibrant colors of nature in a perfect way. The solid colors pop, especially gathered around the grandmother in her plaid wrap that really ties it all together. It was well thought out, and definitely worth the effort put it. 


Part of what made these images so stunning (besides their great clothing choices) was their playful connection with each other. They were genuinely having fun, and you can see it in the photos. There was a lot of love between the family members, and the kids added an element of joy that kids often do. Not to mention the newborn one-month-old who added a special presence of purity and a journey just beginning.

My favorite images were the candid moments that brought out all the smiles. The kids throwing the leaves and the family laughing. The parents’ cuddles with their young ones. The grandmother and baby looking into each others’ eyes with true love. There were so many lovely and natural moments that happened during our extended family photo shoot.


Needless to say, this family was (and IS) ecstatic with these portraits. Capturing this special time in all of their lives was a decision they’ll be glad of for years and years to come. They chose a mix of digital images and printed portraits so they could create a wall display.

Being able to do a photo shoot with an extended family is such a wonderful gift. There is something so magical about family coming together in this way to document their bond with each other. And having these heirlooms to pass down is priceless.

(If you are planning an extended family photo shoot of your own, read these tips on how to make the most of your session.)

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