Sister Photo Shoot | Family Photos in Philadelphia

As part of my summer barefoot mini series, I photographed these two sweet sisters. I first worked with this family at their home when mom was pregnant with the younger girl. We took these family photos in Philadelphia, outside in a beautiful field towards Bucks County. 

Sibling Love Captured in Photos 

The evening summer sky was glowing and warm — the perfect light for these two cheerful sisters. Their matching white dresses gave such an airy, classic look to the images. And their happy smiles just popped with such charm. You can see the bond between the girls in every embrace, every laugh, and every kiss. I especially adore how you can truly see the older sister’s care and the younger one’s admiration. They really have a special connection that showed so naturally in these photos. 


Their individual portraits are darling for sure, but I definitely notice how each girl’s face lights up when they are together. It is heartwarming to see this kind of sister love. And those yellow flowers added just the right touch.


Memories for Life | Family Photos in Philadelphia


These girls will have this cherished memory to look back on for the rest of their lives. It’s such a blessing to be able to showcase these different stages of life, especially alongside family. Nothing can replace the power of a physical photo book, and I can just imagine the parents leafing through images of their precious daughters as they grow through various milestones. It’s something to treasure for a lifetime. And then to have the pleasure of passing them down through generations is a wonderful added bonus. We are certainly lucky to live in a day and age where this is possible!


Getting memorable family photos in the Philadelphia area is easy. There is a wealth of location options including whimsical fields (like in this shoot), lush parks, nearby beaches, and even my indoor/outdoor studio in Newtown, Lower Bucks County PA. No matter what you’re looking for or what type of family you are, there is a perfect location for you. 


As you prepare for your own sibling photo shoot, keep in mind the kind of environment your kids thrive in most. Think about when they are most comfortable, and note how you want to coordinate their clothing to match each other or fit in with the backgrounds. Remember, you’ll get the best photos when they are happy and able to act naturally. Keep these few tips in mind, and don’t forget to have fun! You’ll be grateful to have these fleeting memories captured for years to come.

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