S Family Cake Smash in Newtown, PA | Bucks County Cake Smash Photo Shoot

When I met this cute little guy and his family, I knew we were going to have lots of fun at his year one cake smash celebration. He just radiates joy! I was so happy to add this family’s session to my collection of first birthday photography in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia – First Birthday Photoshoot

Before we got together, Mom and I brainstormed options for the look of the first birthday photo shoot. We decided on a bright teal to contrast with navy blue and white as a base. This helped the photos pop and our superstar to stand out. 

Cake smashing was an absolute must because of the excitement that always comes with babies and food. Even though this guy wasn’t a big fan of actually eating the cake, he looked adorable getting messy!

Stars added a little twinkle, color, and shine to the backdrop without taking away attention from the baby. I couldn’t resist using the teal paper pom-poms next to the cake because of how cute they were – and relatively easy to set up. This space is really convenient for a 1st birthday photo shoot because of its indoor and outdoor options.

First Birthday Photography – Time Together in Bucks County

One of my favorite parts of first birthday photoshoots is the family session we get to do right before. The outdoor space is perfect for siblings to play and spread out before we go inside for the baby to smash some cake.

This guy had the most adorable outfit and looked so serious about striking the right pose. First birthday photoshoots can be really exciting because you can predict where this little guy will be in the next five, ten, or twenty years. Our friend here will be very wise, curious, and kind, I can already tell. When he climbed onto that little red racing car toy, it fit so perfectly with those overalls! 

You can tell that he already looks up to his big brother and is starting to look like him too. Whenever I photograph siblings, I try to let them be free and feel the set out a bit before starting any posing. That way, they get a chance to settle in and get comfortable, and I get the most natural shots possible. These boys love to play and laugh together, which makes for great brother pictures!

Photoshoot Outdoor Adventure

The greenery in the background added adventure, and combined with the baby’s bowtie almost gave the impression of the movie Up. Once they were done exploring, we headed back inside for the cake pictures. Whether a baby like to nibble on cake or not, almost all of them love to bury their hands in it and make a mess. I’m excited to see this little guy keep growing up, and I hope to capture some of those moments in another family photoshoot in the future. A big thank you again to the S family for letting me spend time with all of you!


a picture of a one year old boy at his cake smash photo shoot
a picture of a one year old boy at a cake smash photo shoot
a picture of a boy at a cake smash photo shoot in newtown pa
a picture of a one year old boy smiling with his cake at a photo shoot with heather thomas photography
a one year old boy sitting next to a cake at a cake smash photo shoot with heather thomas photographyA First Birthday Cake Smash for Miss A 
a picture of a one year old boy with icing on his face at a photo shoot in philadelphia
a picture a one year old boy in a cake smash backdrop
a closeup picture of a one year old baby outside the heather thomas photography studio outside
a picture of a one year boy on a radio flyer bike outside
a picture of two boys on a radio flyer tricycle
a closeup picture of a boy looking up in newtown pa
first birthday photos philadelphia-46.jpg
first birthday photos philadelphia-50.jpg

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