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One of the amazing things about being a Philadelphia children’s photographer is having the privilege of seeing the kids of my regular clients grow from session to session. I have worked with this particular family since their oldest was just an infant. As their family has grown, so has the potential for smiles and laughter! In the past, we’ve done their sessions at my Newtown studio, but this time we did their family pictures in the Philadelphia area surrounded by the vibrant green of nature. 

family portrait in philadelphia


Younger children usually take some extra time to warm up for a photography session. And this youngest boy needed exactly that to get into his comfort zone. One thing that helped a lot here was the little red wagon! Props that look good in photos and provide some fun for kids are great for family portrait sessions with little ones. We were able to capture some sweet moments of the boys as they played together, including a lovely hug and kiss on the wagon and a genuine expression of laughter as they laid back on the patchwork blanket. The two had a close bond as brothers and kept the session alive with their energy and joy.


Mom did a wonderful job of coordinating outfits for this shoot. It’s not always easy to do for a family of four, including young ones that require extra comfort. But their mix of blues looked perfect against the green backdrop of the trees and bushes. And the boys matching outfits really played up their connection as brothers. Putting in a little effort to get everyone in coordinated clothing really pays off for the finished portraits. Finding colors that go well with the environment is a must. And keeping it simple enough so that the focus is truly on the smiles and the love between the family is priceless. They did a great job of this! In the pictures of the boys with mom and dad, I can really see the special bond they all share. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this lovely family of four.

sibling portrait on red wagon
toddler portraits in a park
family photo in philadelphia field
family of four portrait
couples portrait in philadelphia
young boy smiling portrait
natural family portrait in philadelphia
family pictures in philadelphia
portrait of family of four
family pictures in philadelphia
mother and son portrait in philadelphia
portrait of brothers

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