A Golden Fall Evening in Bucks County | Outdoor Family Photos

A Golden Fall Evening in Bucks County | Outdoor Family Photos

Why Take Photos in the Fall?

In the other three seasons of the year, it can hard to remember the exact crisp feeling of the fall air and the way the sun lingers for that extra second before disappearing. Of course, even the highest quality camera can’t capture the way the golden light catches the softest glow in your kids’ eyes as they scamper around the makeshift football field in your backyard, but we can do our best to save a piece of the fall in a photo or two.

family of four outside in newtown at family photo shoot with heather thomas photography

Who’s in This Photo Shoot?

In this particular photo shoot, just outside of Philadelphia, the sweetest family of four dressed in the warmest fall colors and showed their close-knit care to the camera. Having photographed the family since the youngest child was a toddler, I have come to know and love the way each of the parents share a deep bond with their children. Getting to see the girls grow into the lovely teens they have added an extra layer of personal touches and a unique personality that would have been more difficult had it been the first photo shoot with the group. Our history helped paint this particular set of images with the familiarity that you need to avoid photos that look sterile and overly posed, smiles that are pasted on and forced.

The family wanted a way to save the moments they have left with their daughters before they head off to college. Any parent of adult children remembers that day when they dropped their baby off to start their new life out of the nest – think of how much comfort the perfect image of your family love could provide. We tried to capture the deep love and care this family has for each other so that no matter where each family member ends up, they can look back on these moments with a smile.

The golden light of the fall and the rich colors of the fading leaves provide an excellent backdrop for family photos and the complementing outfits in those fall colors that the family members chose to add that extra pinch of attention to detail. We selected Bensalem, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia because of its soft ambiance and the natural glow that the trees pick up just before dusk. To show the daughters’ sweet and unique personalities and relationships with each parent, we took photos from a variety of angles with a variety of backdrops to highlight different aspects of the family’s interactions.

Every Detail Counts

The moments gathered on film in this shoot can never be erased, even as the years pass and the children grow up. Discussing the goals of your photo shoot with your photographer is always a good idea so that we can work together to create artistic photos that you can treasure for a lifetime.

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